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The Life-Changing Power of Jesus Christ

Testimonies of Bro Loo and Bro Lim on 29 March 2020 facilitated by Ps Justin Chia

Bro Lim received Christ In 2016, Bro Loo invited Bro Lim to attend a church in Queensway. Ps Justin was the preacher for that service. He noticed that Bro Lim was thirsty and hungry for righteousness of God as he came forward during the service. With Bro Loo holding is hand, Bro Lim received Christ and was baptised shortly after. A disciple of Christ leading others to also be disciples of Christ Bro Loo introduced Bro Lim to a church nearer to his house to shorten his travelling time. A true disciple is not only a disciple of Christ, he in turn will also want to disciple others to be like Christ. Bro Loo accompanied Bro Lim to attend courses, who hungered and thirst after righteousness. (Matthew 5:7) Overcoming our weaknesses We are sinners with grace. There are moments we might lapse into our old habits. During a shower in 2011, Bro Loo prayed to God to remove his sins just like how the water cleanses his body. The blood of Jesus cleanses us, and we should continue to align to the Word of God in our lives. When we have committed sin, we will be prompted to confess our sins and return to the Lord. For Bro Lim, he prayed and confessed his sins whenever he has done wrong. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. – 1 John 1:9 Our old selves have already been crucified on the cross. We have to be in Jesus, that is to come close to Him, to read and follow the Word. Then only we can resist the temptation. When we think, it becomes our action, then it becomes our habit, and makes up our character. Bro Loo’s close shave with death In 2019, Bro Loo had a close shave with death. On 24 December 2019, he suffered a heart attack on an isolated road. He could only say “Lord Jesus, save me!” A car happened to pass by and sent him to the hospital in the nick of time. Before the operation, Bro Loo was frightened and shouted the Name of Jesus. After the operation, the doctor commented that Bro Loo’s life would be in grave danger should he be late for another 15 minutes. He thanked Jesus who helped and saved him. This is the power of God. When we call upon the Name of the Lord, all in heaven, on earth and below it will bow before Him. Another incident was Bro Loo was down with asthma, and was admitted to the hospital. Once again, he called upon the Name of the Lord. The Lord allows challenges to come our way, and many times these are for us to come to the Lord. Then we will be humble and depend on Him. Bro Loo testified the love showered by brothers and sisters from church. The church is able to love because Christ first loved us. Bro Lim’s lack of family support In the past, Bro Lim was a professional gambler and drinker. He even worshipped witchcraft and swore in order to win more money. After believing in Christ, he changed his bad habits. Jesus’ blood cleanses us and forgive our sins. However, Bro Lim’s family is not supportive of him believing in Christ. The healing of his skin condition was a testimony about Jesus’ power. Bro Lim learnt from Bro Loo on how to pray to the Lord in secret, e.g. during shower, so as to reduce any confrontation with his family. Previously, Bro Lim would confront any persecution. Today he is able to pray for them. From the scriptures, he learnt about patience towards others, and humbly prayed to the Lord to touch the hearts of his family, that they can come to the Lord one day. Bro Lim’s wife has not been supportive of him attending church. However one day, she requested Bro Lim to change another church despite herself never stepping foot into church before. Upon knowing that Ps Justin was looking for Bro Lim, he and Bro Loo came to Little Flock Church. Feeling the love from all brothers and sisters, he was very touched and was filled with great joy, all to the glory of God. He learnt how to pray for the church and for the world. Encouragement After we have tasted abundant grace of God, we should not have the root of bitterness. We should make peace with all people, and encourage one another. Bro Lim encouraged those who have believed in Christ to come to Him, and He will guide them. As for him, he will continue to pray and to preach the gospel. We are called to testify for God, not just in words and actions, but to pray to God to grant us strength in our thoughts. All glory to God! Closing Through the testimonies of Bro Loo and Bro Lim, our Lord Jesus has the power to change lives, as long as we are willing. We can overcome the devil by the blood of Jesus and by the word of our testimony. Paul said because of his faithfulness, God has appointed him to serve. In His grace, we are a new creation. Let us allow God to rule in our lives, that we can offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, that is pleasing to God.

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