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Triumphant Grace (Testimony by Sis Joo Ee)

Testimony on Sunday 15 May 2022 by Sis Joo Ee


Today we will hear the testimony of Sis Joo Ee and Boy Riyaan, showing God’s triumphant grace in their lives.


Sis Joo Ee: Growing up, I did not know Christ, as my family were Buddhists. One day, I was invited to church service by a customer of mine. I felt a peace that I never felt before. I believed this peace was given to me by Jesus Christ, and accepted Him as my saviour. I continued to attend the service weekly. Later, I wanted to know more about Christ, and approached my niece Hui Ling who gifted me a bible. I stopped ending Sunday service because I worked on Sundays. But my son Riyaan continued to attend Sunday school.

Ps Justin: Boy Riyaan was diagnosed with venous malformation, is that right?

Sis Joo Ee: Yes. The doctor explained to me that this is an abnormality of the veins, causing the veins to swell and be entangled. It affected his left arm the most. The appearance of bluish veins under the skin were very obvious.

Boy Riyaan: It is very painful. I take my medicine, and I also pray to God.

Ps Justin: This is a tremendous lesson for all of us. We must always seek God first and believe. When we believe, we can receive.

Sis Joo Ee: Riyaan underwent sclerotherapy to reduce the swelling of the veins. Initially, he had to go through the procedure 3 times a year. But as we continued to pray, the frequency reduced to twice a year and then to once a year. Chemicals were injected into his arm, which would burn the blood vessels to reduce the swelling. But there were potential side effects of the medicine – too much could cause kidney and heart damage. Therefore, the doctors needed to ensure complete draining of the fluid and chemicals post-procedure, through a urinary catheter.

Ps Justin: Tell us more about what made you attend church regularly after stopping for some time.

Sis Joo Ee: I fell and fractured a metatarsal bone, on my foot. At the emergency department, the doctors told me I needed surgery. There were bone fragments which remained on my flesh. I was told not to walk for 9 months.

Ps Justin: I remember Boy Riyaan approaching me and asked for prayer for his mother.

Boy Riyaan: I would tell my mother to come back to church soon.

Sis Joo Ee: I was stressed because my work required me to stand. I cannot do my job sitting. But I rested, while the church kept praying for me. 3 months later, I visited the doctor for an X-ray and I was told the fracture had completely healed. I was given clearance to walk again. After one week, I went back to work. But there was still some pain.

Ps Justin: Then you experienced the miracle of healing on a movie night held at the church.

Sis Joo Ee: Yes, during worship, I could feel something moving in my foot. Something was changing. I was totally healed. There was no more pain. I was baptized on 13 April 2019.

Ps Justin: And you have been attending Friday prayer meeting without fail, and joined the warflock. Some of us know that your husband comes from a different culture. Tell us about your husband.

Sis Joo Ee: My husband is from Kashmir and of a different faith. But after I was baptized, whenever we encountered any problems, he was willing to pray together with me to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ps Justin: He was also willing to study the bible despite his different faith.

Sis Joo Ee: We have encountered disagreements owing to our different faiths. But Riyaan uses bible teachings to bring peace to the family.

Ps Justin: How have you changed since having Jesus in your life?

Sis Joo Ee: I used to be quick to anger. But now that I have Christ in me, I am able to slow down and talk in love with my family. My family has also observed the difference.

Ps Justin: Any verse that you would like to share with us?

Sis Joo Ee:

But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture. – Malachi 4:2

Ps Justin: All glory to God!

[end of testimony]

When we fear the Lord, the triumphant grace of the Lord is in our lives. God promised the sun of righteousness with healing power. According to Malachi 4:2, you will be like a calf, leaping out to pasture. Our Lord will always lead us to green pastures. It is all because of the grace of God. The triumphant grace will change lives, and empower you and I to change. The grace of God brings salvation.

Grace is something we do not deserve but we get it nonetheless. The grace of God trains us to humble ourselves. The bible says grace is given to the humble and the proud are opposed. Grace will teach us to lead a godly life.


We are children of the most high God. We have the authority of God when we know our identity.

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